Bright Star United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Douglasville, GA - 770.949.2555

Consignment Sellers

Seller Information-  Please read in its entirety.

Seller Agreements
Seller Agreements will be available to complete at drop-off.  This agreement states that you have checked the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recalled children’s items and that you are not selling these items at our consignment sale.

We will accept the following items for sale:
•Very good condition, gently used, clean FALL and WINTER clothes (no buttons missing, stain-free, zippers working, no rips, etc.)  Jeans and cotton/cotton blend pants (khakis, leggings, etc) are acceptable year-round. Girls: Infant – Juniors; Boys: Infant – size 18

•All seasons maternity clothes                  
•Dress-up clothing/costumes
•Children's Shoes
•Most toys in working order with all pieces attached and secured (*see exceptions below).  Toys that are not in working order will be pulled from the floor.  Please do not package a game/toy that is missing parts or pieces. 
•Books, DVDs, Video Games, Educational Software; we do not accept VHS tapes.
•Children’s Room Décor and Children’s Themed Linens
•Inside and Outside Play Equipment
•Baby Equipment – thoroughly cleaned and in excellent condition
•Furniture- no drop side cribs will be accepted

PLEASE NOTE:  All furniture, baby equipment, and play equipment must be fully assembled at drop-off. 

The following items will not be accepted:


  • No VCR cassettes will be accepted
      Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

    Please make sure that you have reviewed the recall list are not selling anything that is on the list.  You must sign an agreement stating you have read and reviewed the list and that you are not knowingly selling any such items!
Tagging Items
You may use your consignment # from past sales with Bright Star.  If you need a consignment number contact Kim Daniels at or 770-949-2555. 
  • Please use cardstock paper (NO dark colors – only pastel colors or white is acceptable; no multicolored or patterned paper); cardstock helps ensures your tags don’t get separated from their items.  We are not responsible for lost tags and will not reimburse you for such items.
  •  Use safety pins or a tagging gun to attach tags; please do not use straight pins or staples.  Remember that your tags should be secured to withstand vigorous shopping. We are not responsible for lost tags and will not reimburse you for such items.
  •  Pin your tag in the upper right hand corner of the tag labeled “pin here” and pin the tag to the left shoulder of your garment. 
  •  Please do not mark over any items on the tag.  Use a new tag if you make a mistake or need to change something on the tag.  This is for your protection.  We will not sell an item if a change has been made to the tag. 
  • Please tie all shoes together using zip-ties or ribbon; or place them in a bag.  
  • Tape Tags to toys or other hard surfaces using packing or shipping tape.  Ensure that your tag can withstand several days of shopping.
  • All clothes must be on hangers facing left.  Pants, shorts, and skirts should be safety pinned to the hanger and able to be viewed easily; tagging gun may also be used to secure the garment to the hanger.  Please remember that if you do not properly secure your clothes to the hanger you run the risk of losing the item during the sale.
  •  Be sure to mark "yes" or "no" for 1/2 price sale or provide a special price if your item will be sold for the 1/2 price sale on Saturday.

Drop off schedule is here.  No appointment necessary however if these times are not convenient contact Kim Daniels at 770-949-2555 or and she will make an appointment to meet you. 

Stop at the check-in table first and complete your seller’s agreement.  If possible, a volunteer will help you hang your items on the floor.    

You may leave your bins and container at the church however the seller number must be clearly marked. We are not responsible for lost bins.
All items must be picked up on Sunday between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.  Any items not picked up by 4:00 pm will be become property of the Bright Star Consignment Sale and will be donated. 
Items will be sorted by seller number.  Larger items will be in the middle of the gym floor.  Locate your number and unsold items.  Please ensure that you have only your items.  If you have an item that is not yours, please give it to a volunteer.
Please check the “lost tag” area for any items that may belong to you.  Any unclaimed items in this area will be donated. 

Preview Sale
Click here for Preview Sale date/time.

(minimum 1 shift worked) and sellers will be given one admittance ticket to the preview sale on Thursday. See Volunteers tab for more information.

A check for your sold items will be mailed no later than two weeks after the close of the sale.