Bright Star United Methodist Church
Friday, January 24, 2020
Douglasville, GA - 770.949.2555

​​What percentage do I make?
You will receive 70% of the selling price from each item sold.  
What is the fee for participating?
The fee is a $10.00 seller’s fee that will be deducted from your final sales.
What items do you accept?
We accept the following items:
Infant and children’s clothing
Infant equipment (strollers, high chairs, car seats and portable cribs)
Maternity wear
Nursery and children’s bedding
Good condition toys and games
Sports accessories and outdoor play
Children’s books
Video games and DVDs (no VCR cassettes)
Pre-assembled furniture (no drop side cribs),
Preschool classroom supplies (bulletin board and big books)
And much, much more!

Do you accept boutique items?
Yes!  All boutique items are accepted.  You can bring attention to your BOUTIQUE items by placing a small bow around the top of it’s hanger with a special tag you have created.  Some of the more popular boutique brands include Absorba, Baby Lulu, Baby’s Trousseau, Biscotti, Bon Bon, Carriage Boutique, Catamini, Charlie Rocket, Chez Ami, Chicken Noodle, Cottontail Originals, Elephante, Feltman Brothers, Hannah Kate, Indygo, Kelly’s Kids, L’Amour shoes, Le Top, Luli & Me, Magi, Matilda Jane, Peaches ‘n Cream. Petit Ami, Skivvydoodles, SPUDZ, Strasburg, Sweet Potatoes, Zaza couture, Zutano or any brand purchased at a children’s boutique or home show!
Where can I get hangers?
Dry cleaners often recycle hangers.  Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Dollar Tree sell inexpensive hangers.

Will I get my hangers back after the sale?
We sell items along with their hangers, so you will not get your hangers back.  And remember - if you buy an item, you’ll get a hanger.  :)

How do I price my items?
A general rule for pricing your items is to figure 30-40% of what you originally paid. The condition of the item will raise or lower this percentage.

Ask yourself “What is the most I would pay for this item?”

What payments do you accept at the sale?
We accept cash, checks and major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  There is a $2.00 fee for using a credit card.
Will I receive my tags back?
Generally no, but if you request them we will do our best to accommodate.
When will I receive my check?
Checks will be mailed approximately two weeks after the sale.
What can I expect during drop-off?
•Please allow plenty of time to drop off your items; the process will take at least 45 minutes.

•You will begin the process by filling out a Seller’s Agreement; please do not leave until you have done this.

•All items must go through check-in.  Anything we find to be unacceptable will be pulled at our discretion.

•You will take your items and place them in the appropriate sections on the sales floor.

•For more details check out DROP-OFF under the SELLERS section.
How can I become a Volunteer and shop early?
•For complete details check out the VOLUNTEERS section.

•Please email Kim Daniels at  with questions or schedule changes.

•Early shopping privileges are given to those who volunteer.